Here you can buy used quality spare parts and conasumables from copiers and printers.
The most of the components come from machines that are on it’s way to recycling, but instead of scrapping the machines we take care of the parts for reuse, for example: controller boards, operation panels, drum units, fixing/fuser units, fax cards, network cards, print controllers etc.

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That’s right, most of the parts are reusable and while saving money, you also spare the environment.
If there are any parts missing that you would like us to update our stock with then feel free to contact us with your thoughts and we will do our best to fulfil your wish!
We guarantee that a minimum of 75% of the lifetime is left on Toner, Drum units, transfer belt and fixing units.
http://www.releaseshop.eu/shop/ occasionally offers all sorts of office related products such as used scanners, MFP, printers, copiers, projectors in good condition, so keep an eye on our “Specials”!
So why buy used consumables and spare parts?
This is how we think: When a copier is replaced and is on it’s way to get recycled, why should one recycle a drum unit that has only been used for 15 – 20% of it’s full lifetime?
If you have a copier with a service contract and board breaks or a control panel starts to malfunction, if you replace that part with a brand new part then a big part of your margins will be affected, but here you can buy the same part to a significantly lower price and still count on a good result of your contract.
We take the packing very serious. We develop and upgrade our packaging at a daily basis without making it affect the price more then needed.
We welcome all feedback about the packaging so please contact us with your experience and we will do our best to satisfy you!

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Release Copier

Release Copier est une compagnie scandinave dont les employés ont une longue expérience dans l’industrie du photocopieur. Nous vous proposons des matériels reconditonnés ou remanufacturés de marques Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Toshiba. Ces matériels sont triés par nos techniciens qui examinent chacun de leurs éléments et selectionnent les meilleurs (minimum 75% de durée de vie).

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