Used Copiers


Release Copier is a Scandinavian Company that work with office machines, Copier, Printer, MFP.

Why not reuse a copier or printer that no longer is efficient for one company, but it can be perfect for one of your clients.

Our used copier and printer has been well tested by our experienced technicians. All detailed information can you see in our stock list that we update regularly.


When we get in new copier from our suppliers so will our technicians first start up each machine and test that all functions are ok and working properly! Same time registration of all data will be made about each copier, counter information both colour copies and mono copies. With or without fax, how many cassettes, type of finisher etc. You find all these information in our stock list.


Strong and safe packing is very important so your copier arrive in same condition that we have offer and sold to you. We have two different type of pallets, a single machine pallet, perfect to use when you need/want only one single machine. Big pallet there we can load up to 4 machines on each pallet (depending on models) there is a wooden box in bottom and space for two copier on top of the box. This bigger pallet is perfect to load components together with machines and you save transport cost when you order copier and components together.


Delivery will be made within 2-4 days normally, we use a wide range of Transport Company depending on delivery address. Normally we use DB Schenker and Post Nord. If you need back-lift please inform us when you make the order.

Components deliver we with: DHL express / DB Schenker / Post Nord depending on size and how urgent it is, normally same day or the day after will you order leave our warehouse.


Release Copier guarantee that all our products are in good working condition, if there are any defects on any copier so will we inform about that in advance. Used copier are still used, meaning that very small mark can it be, slightly colour differences can be on cover that come from normal use of copier/printer. But if there are any unusual defect or scratch so will it be noted and informed about.


We prefer to deal with company with a valid EU-VAT no, we can still deal with you if you don’t have EU-VAT no but we must charge Swedish VAT 25%.

You can pay with PayPal, MasterCard and VISA. Release Copier can also send invoice to you with payment terms 10 days for clients we have a history with.


You can buy all our components direct in our web shop there you find toner, drum units, fix unit, transfer unit, all type of board, control panels etc. Soon will also our Remanufactured copier and used copier and printer be available to order direct in our web shop.

Release Copier

Release Copier est une compagnie scandinave dont les employés ont une longue expérience dans l’industrie du photocopieur. Nous vous proposons des matériels reconditonnés ou remanufacturés de marques Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Toshiba. Ces matériels sont triés par nos techniciens qui examinent chacun de leurs éléments et selectionnent les meilleurs (minimum 75% de durée de vie).

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