In order to deliver a high quality product you have to start with the sourcing of good copiers in good condition with low copy meter readings. Ideally, the copier to be refurbished / remanufactured should have made less than 300.000 copies and be complete, scratch-free and clean to qualify for refurbishing or remanufacturing. A used copier with 300 000 copies made, can after careful and professional refurbishing / remanufacturing make many more copies – up to twice the volume pending on model and proper service and maintenance.


  • When the selection at sourcing has been made, the refurbishing/remanufacturing process starts. The copier is professionally taken apart for cleaning and testing, parts and consumables are being replaced according to specifications, buttons and screens are verified and changed if needed and all digital functions are tested and verified.
  • After remanufacturing, the copier looks and feels like brand new.
    • All consumables have been replaced
    • The copier has been properly cleaned inside out
    • The software has been upgraded
    • All functions have been tested and verified by professional technicians.


  • A remanufactured copier is like a new copier but at a much lower and better price. This is very good for both the environment and your economy!
  • A refurbished copier undergoes a similar process as for the remanufactured copier except that some of the consumables are replaced when needed. For example, a drum with +50% life left will not be replaced in the refurbishing process.
  • The refurbished / remanufactured copiers are properly secured and packed in sturdy card-board boxes ona pallet. The packing material is fully recyclable.
  • The Operations Manual and installation software are delivered on a CD and included in with the copier.
  • The copier is delivered without toner and developer in order to make sure that the copier arrives to you or your customer’s site nice and clean and fully operational.
  • The factory for refurbishing / remanufacturing is ISO9001 and 14001 certified

Release Copier

Release copier is a Scandinavian company where the employees have a long experience in the copying industry. We offer you Remanufactured, refurbished and used copier from many brands like Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba etc. We offer also copier and printer components for majority of the brand and models on the market. All has been tested by our skilled technicians.